Chapter VI: tale online B (Bobila school)


Frog and Lady Fox were travelling around the world in their magic trip.

One day they met again with Mr. Avocado and Lady Fox and Frog gave him back the avocado stone. Mr. Avocado was very happy because he was a complet avocado again.

After this, Mr. Avocado, Lady Fox and Frog walk together. While they were walking a banana fell from a banana tree and It said:

– Hello, I’m Banana Nana. I observed you. I want to help you! I know how to protect the world…

Chapter V Tale Online A. The secret map.

Mr. Avocado and Lady Fox took the third key and they opened the door. When they got into the room Lady Fox found a mysterious envelope. Mr. Avocado opened it and he found a secret map. In this map there were marked the places where the priest  used to go:

  • The park
  • The school
  • The theme park
  • The sports stadium
  • The shopping center

Lady Fox, who was very intelligent, decided to go to the park so Mr. Avocado and Lady Fox flew there.

When they arrived at the park they didn’t find the priest but they found Miss Ice Cream Melting. Mr Avocado asked to the woman: “Have you seen the priest?” The lady answer: Today, he didn’t come. Miss Ice Cream Melting tell them that the priest could be at the school teaching…

(picture coming)

Chapter V Tale Online B (Escola Verntallat)


The enormous rock was created by POLLUTION. It was bigger and bigger when it was closer and closer; But Lady Fox was full of surprises because she was a magic animal like anyone ; she winked twice each eye and both disappeared for a while. Then, the Big Rock passed through them and finally crashed to the big entrace. They could get into the laaaarge labyrinyh. Then, Lady Fox gave Frog magic powders to become strong and fast. That’ s why they got over all the tramps till they arrived at the place where the coolest advocado Stone was hidden.
In this moment, Lady Fox could touch the avocado Stone and got the full energy of nature inside her. The avocado disappeared. The Fox and the Frog started a magic trip around the earth.
The first round was hard because they had to clean the pollution from all the world, but the second time was completely different because….a new smell started…

THE LIBRARY. Chapter 4. Tale on line A (Castanyer School)

Mr. Avocado and lady Fox flew to the library and…

They found three keys at the entrance. They took them. Only one of them opened the door. They got inside. They found another room. It was dark and mysterious and full of books. This room had another door, they tried the second key but it didn’t open it. Then they tried the third one. Finally they could open it.

The room was full of trash. Suddenly the room started to be smaller and smaller. Then  they heard the voice of the priest: “If you want to stop the walls recycle all these trash”.

They started to put the trash in the right containers. After a big effort the walls stopped. Then they discovered that there was another door. They took the third key…

THE DECISION. Chapter 4. Tale on line B. (Mont Còs School).

The Swake starts flying with the Lady Fox and the Frog in his claws to his cave.

Once there the Swake decides to give them two options:

  1. They can be used to feed the ‘eggs’ of the Swake.
  2. . They can go through a labyrinth with lots and lots of traps

Lady Fox and the Frog are very tired but they decide to go through the labyrinth and try to find the coolest avocado stone.

While they are walking just in front of the entrance of the labyrinth they start to hear a loud noise, the loudest noise they have ever heard. Lady Fox turns around and sees an enormous rock rolling towards them.

(to be continued)

WHERE ARE MY SUNGLASSES – tale online A Chapter 3- by Rocalba School

They opened the envelope and found this:

Resultat d'imatges de qr code

Mr Avocado knew it was a QR code and googled how to decipher it.

They downloaded the application and finally got the instructions:

Go to the city big square and get into the church.

They entered and looked for clues. After a long time, they found a mistery room at the end of a dark corridor. They got into the room and saw a priest… he had the glasses!!!

The priest ran away but he left a misterious book on the table with a note:



THE TROUBLE ISLAND tale on line B (chapter 3) (Joan Roura i Parella School)

To the Trouble Island, and they stayed over night. The next morning, they went to find the perfect avocado’s stone. On their way Lady Fox found a village where there was an avocado without a stone, and Lady Fox went to talk to him:

-Hello! Why don’t you have a stone? She asked.

-Hey! You can’t touch me! I am sacred! And my stone is above that mountain-said the avocado pointing a distant mountain – and it can recover nature from pollution. I will call Swake if you don’t go away! – said the avocado.

-Wait, What? Who is Swake? She said.

Avocado started whistling to call Swake.

Then, a strange creature named Swake appeared and took them away.

(To be continued)



Mr. Avocado and Lady Fox returned to the disco.

When they arrived, first they asked the “door-vegetable” about the sunglasses. He didn’t know anything.

Then inside the disco they asked everybody… There was a carrot with the same sunglasses!!! But Mr. Avocado’s glasses had his name on the left part.

At last, Mr. Avocado made the question about the lost sunglasses to the waiter and surprise!!! He gave them an envelope with instructions inside.


THE BIG DEAL. Chapter 2. Tale on line B (Montplalau School)

And says:

  • If you need help, I can help you, but you have to give me something I want.
  • ANYTHING! (Answered Lady Fox)
  • Let me think… aaaaaaaaah… I know! I want an avocado stone from the colest avodado in the world.

Lady Fox agrees and they start a trip together to look for the perfect avocado’s stone.

Lady Fox starts to fly with frog on her back and a little bit later they arrive in…. (to be continued)

LADY FOX HAS A PROBLEM! Chapter 1 Tale B (Cor de maria School)

Once upon a time there was a extraordinary animal. Her name was Lady Fox and she was infinite years old. She had a lot of plants and vegetation in the body and the skin but contamination and pollution too.

One day, the plants and flowers of Lady Fox started to die. She was very sad and scared and didn’t know what happened!! She started shouting and screaming: “Help me please!! My plants are dying!!”.

Suddenly, a big frog jumped on Lady Fox, opened the mouth and….