Chapter V Tale Online B (Escola Verntallat)


The enormous rock was created by POLLUTION. It was bigger and bigger when it was closer and closer; But Lady Fox was full of surprises because she was a magic animal like anyone ; she winked twice each eye and both disappeared for a while. Then, the Big Rock passed through them and finally crashed to the big entrace. They could get into the laaaarge labyrinyh. Then, Lady Fox gave Frog magic powders to become strong and fast. That’ s why they got over all the tramps till they arrived at the place where the coolest advocado Stone was hidden.
In this moment, Lady Fox could touch the avocado Stone and got the full energy of nature inside her. The avocado disappeared. The Fox and the Frog started a magic trip around the earth.
The first round was hard because they had to clean the pollution from all the world, but the second time was completely different because….a new smell started…