Hi there,

We are the 6th graders (18 students, 7 girls and 11 boys) of Rocalba school in Sant  Feliu de Pallerols. It is a cozy little village surrounded by mountains in La Vall d’Hostoles.

We are a very noisy group but sometimes we are very hardworkers. We are also friendly with everyone. We like playing sports like football and basketball and listening to all kinds of music.

Our tutor is Sílvia and our English teachers are Mireia and Lídia.

Good bye and see you in the English Day.

This is our mascot:

Hi! my name’s Mr. Recycler and I’m from Rocalba school.

I live in the space. I’m made of grass, water and countries.

I can feel the grass growing inside me!

I’m very happy because… Can you see what I’m wearing on my head?

They are recycling bins! they help me to be healthier and stronger.

I like when people recycle, don’t pollute and try to save me.