6th A 


Hi everybody,

We are the class of 6th A from Malagrida school. There are 25 students in our class. We are quite talkative, funny and also a little crazy.

Our English teacher is Mª Carme but we also have another teacher called Marta who teaches us Arts and Crafts in English.

We love playing in the playground and listening to music.  At the break time we can play in the playground or choose a workshop. There are many workshops.  We enjoy that a lot!!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in May.

Bye, bye.

6th B

Hi everybody,

We are 6th B students from Malagrida  school. Our school is very big, there are about 400 students.

We have got two basketball grounds and one football ground. At break time we can choose to go to a workshop or to play in the playground. The playground for the kids has been recently arranged. Now it looks really beautiful.

We are an amazing group. We love playing in the playground and also playing computer games.

Our tutor is Sonia and our English teacher is Mª Carme

Bye. See you in May





She is called “Lady Bird”.  She’s two years old and legendary.  She lives in the Big Ben.

Lady bird likes eating bread and also worms. The police officers and sometimes the Queen feed her very well. She’s quite fat because she is always hungry and eats too much.

She feels free and happy. We love Lady Bird, it’s our mascot.