Hello everybody!!
These are the 6th grade and 5th grade students from Castellroc school, we are 16 in total.
We are very sporty and we love going on excursions, chatting and reading.
We have a chess project at our school for all students. We love this project!!! We have a giant chess set to practice.

Castellroc school is in Castellfollit de la Roca. Our village is among volcanos and we live on a big basalt cliff at the meeting point of two rivers: Fluvia river and Toronell river.

See you in the English day!!!


I’m Help, the mascot of Castellroc school for English Day 2020.
Earth planet is very ill and we have to help it. Pollution is making Earth very sick and its fever is going high and high.
People must respect the Earth and take care every day. We have to stop the climate change!!!!!!!!!!

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