THE TROUBLE ISLAND tale on line B (chapter 3) (Joan Roura i Parella School)

To the Trouble Island, and they stayed over night. The next morning, they went to find the perfect avocado’s stone. On their way Lady Fox found a village where there was an avocado without a stone, and Lady Fox went to talk to him:

-Hello! Why don’t you have a stone? She asked.

-Hey! You can’t touch me! I am sacred! And my stone is above that mountain-said the avocado pointing a distant mountain – and it can recover nature from pollution. I will call Swake if you don’t go away! – said the avocado.

-Wait, What? Who is Swake? She said.

Avocado started whistling to call Swake.

Then, a strange creature named Swake appeared and took them away.

(To be continued)