Hello everybody! We are the class of 6th A of Cor de Maria School! We are 13 boys and 10 girls. Our English Teacher is Mister John and our tutor is Lourdes. Our school is very big and old and it’s in the center of Olot. We have got two playground and two different buildings: Cor de Maria and Maria Reina.

We are generous, cool, excited, beatiful and very competitive too!  We love sports like basketball, volleyball or football and we like singing and jumping the rope.

We are excited to see you! Bye bye!


Hey! We are the class of 6th B of Cor de Maria School. We are 13 girls and 10 boys. Our tutor is Mr Pep and the English Teacher is Mr John. We like our school!

We are very talkative, joyful, crazy and funny. We like to play soccer, listen to music and english but we don’t like maths, reading books and the exams.

See you soon in the English Day, we are very happy to come!!


This is our mascot…. LADY FOX!!

Her complete name is Lady Earth Fox but for the friends she is Lady Fox. She is infinite years old. She is beautiful, fashion and funny. One part of Lady Fox is the earth before and the other part is after the contamination.

She likes running, recycling and helping the people. Her favorite food is garbage, smoke and water.