WHERE ARE MY SUNGLASSES – tale online A Chapter 3- by Rocalba School

They opened the envelope and found this:

Resultat d'imatges de qr code

Mr Avocado knew it was a QR code and googled how to decipher it.

They downloaded the application and finally got the instructions:

Go to the city big square and get into the church.

They entered and looked for clues. After a long time, they found a mistery room at the end of a dark corridor. They got into the room and saw a priest… he had the glasses!!!

The priest ran away but he left a misterious book on the table with a note:



THE TROUBLE ISLAND tale on line B (chapter 3) (Joan Roura i Parella School)

To the Trouble Island, and they stayed over night. The next morning, they went to find the perfect avocado’s stone. On their way Lady Fox found a village where there was an avocado without a stone, and Lady Fox went to talk to him:

-Hello! Why don’t you have a stone? She asked.

-Hey! You can’t touch me! I am sacred! And my stone is above that mountain-said the avocado pointing a distant mountain – and it can recover nature from pollution. I will call Swake if you don’t go away! – said the avocado.

-Wait, What? Who is Swake? She said.

Avocado started whistling to call Swake.

Then, a strange creature named Swake appeared and took them away.

(To be continued)



Mr. Avocado and Lady Fox returned to the disco.

When they arrived, first they asked the “door-vegetable” about the sunglasses. He didn’t know anything.

Then inside the disco they asked everybody… There was a carrot with the same sunglasses!!! But Mr. Avocado’s glasses had his name on the left part.

At last, Mr. Avocado made the question about the lost sunglasses to the waiter and surprise!!! He gave them an envelope with instructions inside.