THE LIBRARY. Chapter 4. Tale on line A (Castanyer School)

Mr. Avocado and lady Fox flew to the library and…

They found three keys at the entrance. They took them. Only one of them opened the door. They got inside. They found another room. It was dark and mysterious and full of books. This room had another door, they tried the second key but it didn’t open it. Then they tried the third one. Finally they could open it.

The room was full of trash. Suddenly the room started to be smaller and smaller. Then  they heard the voice of the priest: “If you want to stop the walls recycle all these trash”.

They started to put the trash in the right containers. After a big effort the walls stopped. Then they discovered that there was another door. They took the third key…

THE DECISION. Chapter 4. Tale on line B. (Mont Còs School).

The Swake starts flying with the Lady Fox and the Frog in his claws to his cave.

Once there the Swake decides to give them two options:

  1. They can be used to feed the ‘eggs’ of the Swake.
  2. . They can go through a labyrinth with lots and lots of traps

Lady Fox and the Frog are very tired but they decide to go through the labyrinth and try to find the coolest avocado stone.

While they are walking just in front of the entrance of the labyrinth they start to hear a loud noise, the loudest noise they have ever heard. Lady Fox turns around and sees an enormous rock rolling towards them.

(to be continued)