Hello! I’m Ms MeRmAiD. I’m 11 years old. I’m made of a can of cola, a plastic bottle and I’ve got purple straws on my head. My right arm is a spoon and my left arm is a fork. My tail is a net.

I’m sad because people are destroying the Earth 😥 . I live in the ocean and there is a lot of waste. A plastic island has even appeared in the middle of the ocean.

Can you help me please taking care of the planet? It’s very UrGeNt and ImPoRTaNt !!!!

Thank you.

Hello everyone!

We are from Morrot school. We are 6th grade B class and we have 25 students in our class. We are ten to twelve years old. We are the oldest students of our school.

Our tutor is Sílvia Compte and our English teacher is Aleyda. This year, Laura has come from Canada to teach us English.

We work in groups. We’ve got an elected student and his name is Lluc.

We’ve got a vegetable garden. We sell the products we grow and we give the money we make to people in need to help them.

See you soon!


We are students from el Morrot school. It is in front of Montsacopa volcano.

We are 6th grade A and we are 24 pupils in class. Our tutor is Lluís Fernández and our English teacher is Aleyda.

We are 10 and 11 years old. We live in different towns in La Garrotxa and we come from several countries: India, Gambia, Morocco, Romania, Georgia, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Catalonia.

In class, we usually speak Catalan, Spanish and English. In our school we work through projects. Now we are studying a project about our country.

This year our English Day mascot is Plastic Mermaid.

Bye! See you in English Day!