Hello everyone,

We are 5th and 6th graders from Joan Roura i Parella school in Tortellà. We are 20 pupils this year, but we are usually less. We belong to “ZER EL LLIERCA”, which is a group of three schools from Montagut, Argelaguer and Tortellà.

Our school is small but really nice. In superior cycle we’ve got two classrooms that we share when we work in groups. They are small but pretty and comfortable. Our tutors are Neus and Martí and our English teacher is Martí. They are very kind. In our playground we’ve got a vegetable garden where all the pupils take care of it. We help the youngest pupils to preserve this garden clean and they help us to collect the vegetables when they grow. It’s a great experience to share activities with the youngest students.

Now, we are doing a project about the climate change, global warming and greenhouse effect. We feel very sad about the enviroment, so we are concern about recycling, because it is a serious problem for our planet to have plastic and wasted material around.

We are really looking forward to see you in May! And share activities throughout the year!




Hi everyone,

This is Mr. recycle. He is a good person and cares for the  Earth. He is like a boy who helps to recycle and reuse. We made him as a bin because we thought it would represent global warming very well. He is kind and his eyes are cute. He is smiling because he wants people to look after the world.

There is a recycle simbol on his forehead and he is holding with his hand a recycling bag full of plastic, so people can see the importance of his action. He is made of iron and represents the three R’s: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

Let’s recycle and give a second life to the things we use!