Hi schools from Garrotxa !!!


We’re the pupils from Verntallat.

Our school is cool.  It’s sorrounded by nature : hills, trees, fields, a river…

We have a huge playground with a lot of things to play : football, basketball, handball…

We love our school .IT’S AN AMAZING PLACE!!!

We have two mascots, one of them is Verntallat – a farmer-, and the other is a clever rat called Mengalletres – she loves reading books.

We’re very excited for the English Day.

See you in May!!!





Hi friends!

This is our mascot. His name is Gloomy Tree. Nowdays he’ s feeling very sad because he can’ t breath. He says the air is full of polution . Nature is getting ill, and we need to act right now.


“Please!!!, help me!!!!!

“ I’m dying” – It repeats every day.