Hello English day’s mates!

We are 6th grade students from “Escola Llar”. We are 10 girls and 11 boys. The oldest student is Kulvir and the youngest is Khusdeep. We are friendly people but we are a little bit lazy too.

We like doing PE, specially going to “pavelló”. We also like going on excursions but we don’t like doing exams, studying and doing homework. Our  English teacher is Helena and our tutor is Ester. They always take care of us.

Bye, bye! See you in the English day!



Hello everyone!

My name is “Ice cream mealting” and I live in Russia. I am 11 years old and I go to “Escola Llar! I am in 6th grade too.

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I can speak Russian, English, Chinese and Catalan. Morevoer, I like watching TV and I also like going to the park with my friends. I don’t like eating onion  and I hate warm weather. I am a very friendly person but, when I get angry, I shout out loud. I always eat ice and fried potatoes with chichen and ketchup! It’s delicious!

Bye bye!