Hello everyone!!

We are students from IE Salvador Vilarrasa in Besalú. Our school has got 400 students but in 6th grade we are 41 pupils, 21 in 6th grade A and 20 in 6th grade B and we are between eleven and twelve years old. The school arrives until 4th of ESO.

This school has a big playground, three football fields, a gamezone with some traditional games and a sandy for the youngest students. We also have some picnic tables and a climbing wall. On Fridays we have a library zone and we can read during the break time.

Once a week we practise speaking with the 3rd of ESO students and the other days we make some projects and games.

The mascots of the school are “Marieta Cuetes” and “Quimet Dententes”. They dance for special festivals.

We hope to see you at the English day!

6th grade A: 

In our class we are 11 boys and 10 girls and our tutor is Mariona. She is also our English teacher. Our class is big and colourful, we are seated in five groups of four students. We have got a whiteboard and a digital board.

6th grade B:

In our class we are 11 boys and 9 girls and our tutor is Iolanda. We also learn English with Mariona, the tutor of the other class. We love our class!

Our mascot

My name is Earthtic, I’m an hourglass and I’m from Besalú. I’m worried about global warming and I’m here to aware you about our planet’s situation. It needs your help! Hurry up time is ending!

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