We are 6th grade students from Castanyer School. We are 26 students 9 boys and 17 girls.

We have 5 teachers: Enric is our tutor, Lourdes teaches us computers, Anna is our music teacher, Isaac teaches us PE and Santi teaches us English and French.

Twice a year we go on a field trip. Last month we went to Mas Gircós (Besalú). We had a blast!

We have three commissions in our school: one organises the festivals, another one organises cultural activities and there is another one that promotes good relationships among the students.

The mascot of our school is the “Salamander”. We are also preparing a vegetable garden. We want to grow lettuce, carrots, artichokes, potatoes, strawberries, garlic, onions… and we want to grow some flowers too!

We love our school! We are good students and we enjoy our classes and teachers, but sometimes we can be a little bit noisy.

See you in May!


Hi there!

My name is Cute. This year I’m the mascot of Castanyer School for English Day. As you can see I’m very cute!

I am the recycling Earth. In our planet you can find mountains, rivers, forests, lakes… and also towns and cities.

In the last years I haven’t felt that good because people pollute and generate a lot of waste that is provoking a climate change. This is making me feel sick!

I believe that people and nature can live together. People must respect the Earth and in exchange I will offer a clean planet for all of you to enjoy.