Hello there!!

We are students from Volcà Bisaroques school. It is in front of Bisaroques volcano.

We are 6th grade A. There are 26 pupils in our class. Our tutor is Meritxell Castán and our English teacher is Marga Castillo. We are between 11 and 12 years old. We live in different towns in La Garrotxa.

In our playground we have a mountain, a vegetable garden and the playground is very big. Our school is 34 years old.

In class, we work in groups. We’ve got an elected student and her name is Meritxell.

See you in the English Day!

Hello everyone!

We are the 6th B grade and the oldest students of Volcà Bisaroques school. We are 26 students in our class. We are 10 or 11 years old.

Our tutor is Roser Picola and our English teacher is Marga Castillo. Our English Day mascot is Water World Lady. Èlia’s mascot is very nice. She can draw very well. Our elected student is Marina.

The school has a big playground with lots of trees. We have two playgrounds, one for the little students and one for older students. We are a green school; here we work for the plants of the school and we recycle a lot! We’ve got a compostable machine to recycle organic waste, too.


This is our mascot:

Hello! I am Water World Lady and I am from Volcà Bisaroques School. I am wearing a dress and two green bracelets. I live under the sea, in a sullen boat. I am more than one hundred years old because I am immortal. I have got the earth in my right hand. I feel like a river’s drop because I am free. I am made of water, positivity and optimism. I like music and swimming in the sea.