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Ingredients: 250g macaroni, 1 small pot of cream, 1 (sachet) package of four (farmhouse) cheese, Pepper, Sal, Butter


(Macaroni is boiled) Boil macaroni with water and salt.
In another bowl cream is made, put the cheese on, pick (one) a pinch of salt, two tablespoons of butter, pick a pepper (to taste). Leave all that (is left) to heat until cheese is melted and well mixed. (all this).
(When) You are ready to mix the macaroni with the sauce already made and if you want you can (be over Take) put oregano too.



5 or 6 potatoes, a big onion, oil of olive and 3 eggs.

Preparation: Cut the potatoes in small pieces (laminas fine), the onion in small pieces. We put to heat the oil  in a frying pan (paella) and add(ed) the potatoes and the onion. We leave (left that) it cooking over a low heat (go doing to slow fire) and (go) stirring it up When the potatoes are soft and done, (recall) take away the frying pan (sarten) with a spoon (for skimming) and put it in a dish.

 Beat the three eggs and add the potatoes and the onion. Mix it all (good). In a frying pan (paella) put a bit of oil and throw it everything. When it pass one or two minutes give him the turn with a dish and go back it to throw to the frying pan (paella).


You need:

One bowl.


 flour, corn meal, salt, pepper, Oil, milk, eggs, sausages, sticks.

Mix flour in a bowl, in a bowl add salt and pepper Add milk, egg and spoon of oil in a bowl. Add a sausage.

Heat for 2 o 3 minutes. Remove and drain oil and eating.

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vegetable sandwich

You need :                                                                                    

– a bowl depth

Ingredients :

1st: cut lettuce in small units

2nd: cut a boiled egg

3rd: add olives with anchovies

4th:  Cut tomato in small units

after remove all

add 3 big spoon of mayonnaise (” maionesa ”)

after remove all

finally put in the sandwich of 3 sandwich units

and …

eat !!


it’s delicious !!!

By: Paula


You need:

A pot, a bowl.


A package of spaghetti, tomato, meat and cheese.

–         First of all, put a pot with water to boil.

–         When water is boiling, put the spaghetti and meanwhile do the tomato sauce.

–         To do the tomato sauce you put the tomato in a (paella) pan with meat.

–         When the spaghetti and the tomato sauce is finnish you put it in a dish.

–         If you like cheese, you can put it to the spaghetti (cheese).

That’s all, enjoy your meal! Fer l'ullet

By Manuel Alfaro


INGREDIENTS: Philadelphia, three eggs, three yoghurt, three spoons of flour and ten or twelve spoons of sugar.

-Turn on the oven to 200º It gets hot faster.

-In a bowl mix all ingredients.

-Grease the mold with a butter. You can (a) put it in the oven and reduce the temperature to 170º

-In twenty or twenty five minutes it will be  ready.

– Then let it cool a bit out of the oven, turn off oven and leave two minutes more, and then take it to fridge.

                            By Andrea!!  Descarat

Rice with milk

Ingredients:1 cup of rice, 3 cups of water; orange skins, cinnamon, salt, milk, powdered vanilla cinnamon.

Process :We put water to boil with orange skin, cinnamon and salt. We add rice, and it must be cooking over a low heat  (fuego lento).

Then we put milk and we remove with a spoon. Move with a big spoon to avoid in the bottom. (In gets) Put in the bowl and (I is) mix with cinnamon.

It is possible to eat cold or warm.


Sponge cake

To prepare a sponge cake you need:

– One bowl, one mixer and one tray.


– 250 g Flour, four eggs, 200 g sugar, three yogurts and 100 ml vegetal oil.

What you have to do:

You put all ingredients in a bowl, and you mix with the mixer. When you have all prepared, you have to (change the mixed) put the mixture to a tray, and later you put the tray in a oven. You put on the oven (in march) and leave it forty-five minutes, and when it has (ended) finished, (already) you have (ended) a delicious sponge cake!!

By: Adrián Martínez


You need:

one bowl and one knife.


lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, olives, onions, carrots, eggs and asparagus.

Cook eggs and (cup) cut up the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, tuna and (cup) cut the carrots.

(To cup  in bowl) Put  the ingredients in a bowl.

Later, (to) put (on salad,) olive, eggs and asparagus on the salad.                                 

        By Aida