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You need:

A pot, a bowl.


A package of spaghetti, tomato, meat and cheese.

–         First of all, put a pot with water to boil.

–         When water is boiling, put the spaghetti and meanwhile do the tomato sauce.

–         To do the tomato sauce you put the tomato in a (paella) pan with meat.

–         When the spaghetti and the tomato sauce is finnish you put it in a dish.

–         If you like cheese, you can put it to the spaghetti (cheese).

That’s all, enjoy your meal! Fer l'ullet

By Manuel Alfaro


When I’m older, I want to be a goalkeeper, because I like sports and football. I want to visit Spain, Italy, Germany, … and see (visit) all the stadiums.

My favourites subjects are P.E and Maths.

I eat good food for (sportist) sportmen for example pasta and fruits.

If I can’t to be a goalkeeper I like to be a P.E teacher.

Iker casillas!!

Iker Casillas Fernández; born May 20, 1981 in Móstoles, Madrid is a spanish football goalkeeper who plays for Spanish League club Real Madrid C.F. and the Spanish national team. He’s hair is black and is eyes are brown. His height is 1, 85 m. He haves any obsessions for example to touch the stick of the keep. He started in the junior categories, 1998-99 that he debuted in the senior side, replacing Bodo Illgner, and he was in Real’s starting lineup the next season. In 2000, he became the youngest-ever goalkeeper to ever play in a Champions League final. In the national team, Casillas debuted for the national team in the U–17 level at age 16. He debuted in the national team in 2000. He is very famous because he have won a lot of cup and the last European cup with Spain in 2008.

By Manuel Alfaro


I went to Blanes with my uncle and my aunt.

I met my friend Jorge and we played in the beach.

We and her parents went to a restaurant.

Then I went to the bungalow and played football.


The next day we went to the beach and we sailed in a boat.

Later we went to the Jorge apartment to eat.

At night we went to the lighthouse.

That was all that happened in Blanes.

Jonathan Carmona Vela