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My faborite book is Matilda by Roal Dhal.

The main caracter is: Matilda

She is a girl. From 5 years she already learnt to do estraordinaries things. Her parents do not worry very much for her. Her father was a  secondhand cars sellerHer mother played golf with her freinds on the evenings.

Matilda wanted to go to the College but her parents didn’t want.

Then one day the Thronxbull principal lady buy a car to the Matilda father, The Matilda father talk with the principal i Matilda begins the College.

In the College she met to a teacher and they did extraordinaries things.

I recommend it to you, I like it very much!


INGREDIENTS: Philadelphia, three eggs, three yoghurt, three spoons of flour and ten or twelve spoons of sugar.

-Turn on the oven to 200º It gets hot faster.

-In a bowl mix all ingredients.

-Grease the mold with a butter. You can (a) put it in the oven and reduce the temperature to 170º

-In twenty or twenty five minutes it will be  ready.

– Then let it cool a bit out of the oven, turn off oven and leave two minutes more, and then take it to fridge.

                            By Andrea!!  Descarat

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is in actress. She’s from Texas in the United States. In her free time she sings and plays instruments. She likes singing, shoping and cinema with her friend. She loves her jacket and draw with crayons. She usually wears jeans, skirts and jackets. Her favourite  food is pizza.