Once upon a time… In my country!

This task is created to help children express themselves through their culture. Traditional fairy tales, myths and legends will be the source and material that they will do creative activities with, getting to know students better from another country.

Once upon a time… In my country!

Our last activity… OUR MIXED UP TALE

A collaborative writing activity where our students created a new story out from the myths and fairytales from their countries. Click the “launch my ebook” button and enjoy the reading!

Myebook - Our mixed up tale - click here to open my ebook


For Xmas time, we shared our fairytales and came up with different products by mixing or adding some of other countries’ traditions to our owns. In our classes, we created a video about the “caga tió” tradition, adding some elements from the Greek “Kalikantzaros” and the Polish Christmas tree. Here you can see our work.


Here you can see also the video from the Primary school of Elainonas, Greece. They also mixed up our “tió” story, with their Kalikantzaros traditon for Xmas.


Our school, along with the primary school of Elaionas and the Polish school in our project, we have created an hour radio show which will be on air on Tuesday 5/3 at 19.00 and on Thursday 7/3 at 19.00. During this broadcast we did our best to present our etwinning task «Once upon a time… in my country!». So,  Polish School with Mrs Karolina Bambynek Primary School of Elaionas with Eftychia Touliou and Catalan school with Mrs. Karol Barriuso, shared one hour to make the broadcast more interesting. You will learn about our project as well as listen to Catalan and Polish songs that we, the partners dedicate to the Greek school. Stay tuned!


European school radio is part of a  Comenius project with some high schools in Europe. Each high school have created their own radio station and all over the country they ask other schools and high schools to help them creating radio programmes. We are collaborationg with this one, thanks to the help of the teacher in the primary school of Elaionas, in Greece, Eftychia Touliou. Thanks to her, we could make this programme real… and this won’t be the last time!!!


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