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English Exam Preparation – Units 5 and 6 (6th grade)


Hello, 6th grade children !

Last year, Alba & Javier did a fantastic English Exam preparation for your 6th grade Exam Units 5 and 6 !

This year, you can print them and prepare your exam using that wonderful resource !

Click on the images and print them !

See you in class !

exam 5-6 a




exam 5-6

Make a face (2nd grade)


Hello 2nd grade boys and girls !

Let’s make a face !

You have to place the EYES and the MOUTH correctly and make a happy, angry, sad and surprised face !


A clown’s face (2nd grade)


Hi, 2nd grade children !

In our last classes, we started the topic: Parts of the face !

Remember: mouth, nose, eyes, ears, hair and face !

Look at this clown and try to put the words in the picture correctly !


Lyrics training: Only when I sleep (6th grade)


Hi 6th grade boys and girls! A new Lyrics training for you!! This song is an easiest song: “Only when I sleep” by the Irish “The Coors” !

How many words will you be able to type and how fast?

Click on BEGINNER. You can press the BACKSPACE button to listen to the last sentence again and type it correctly !

Click on the image to play and tell me in a comment how good you are !

EX: I got ______ points with _______ words correct in _____ minutes and ______ seconds.


Videoconference with Sweden (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade children ! Click on the image and listen to the dialogue, match the numbers of the questions carefully. Then, with their correct answer and tell me how many correct answers have you got !

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: I’ve got _____ correct answers !


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