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There is / There are (4th grade)


Hi, 4th grade boys and girls !

Click on the image and do these exercises !

Complete using there is/ there are / there isn’t or there aren’t

Tell me in a comment your results

Ex: I’ve got _____ points.


Clifford looks for a treasure (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade children !

Let’s look for a treasure doing this activity ! Click on the image and then on the play button.

Follow the instructions, click on the correct objects and then on LEFT (esquerra) or RIGHT (dreta) to find the treasure.

Tell me in a comment if you found the treasure !

Ex: I found the treasure ! or I didn’t find the treasure !


First day in class (6th grade)


Hi 6th grade students !

Listen again to the converstation but this time, listen to the questions and choose the correct answer !

Ex: I answered ____ questions correclty !


Find the opposite (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade pupils! Let’s review some opposite adjectives. Click on the image and select the opposite adjective, then click on the CHECK button !

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: My score in the game is ___ %


Hide and Seek (1st grade)


Hi 1st grade children !

Can you help mummy to find Max in the house ? Click on the rabbit when you see it !

See you !


Father’s day (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade children ! Listen to the conversation by pressing the “Play” button, and answer the questions. Press the Final Score” button to check your quiz.

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: My score in the listening is ______ %


E-mail class (6th grade)


Hello 6th grade pupils !

Click on the image and watch the video. A teacher is talking to a student about how to send e-mails.

Answer the True/False questions at the end of the video !

Ex: I got _______ correct questions !


Story: Look Out !! (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd & 4th grade pupils !

There are a lot of dangerous animals under the sea ! This shark is one of them ! Watch the video of the story and have fun !

You can tell me what you understand in a comment !

Best regards !


Comparatives (5th grade)


Hi, 5th grade students! Click on the image, read the adjectives and the comparatives and drop them in the correct place !

Tell me if you solve this exercise correctly in a comment !

Ex: I’ve got _____ comparatives correct.


Rooms (1st grade)


Hello 1st grade children !

Click on the image and you will review some Parts of the House ! Click on the PLAY button and match the words and the pictures !

Have a nice day !


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