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Hairstyles review (4th grade)


Hi, 4th grade boys and girls !

Let’s refresh the different kinds of hairstyles.

Have fun with these 3 activities.

See you soon !


Dictation Unit 5 (4th grade)


Hello, 4th grade students! Prepare the DICTATION for Wednesday 10th of May. Try to do your best !



Let’s find out about the body

“We need to use bones and muscles to move our body.

Our body has got a lot of bones.

This is called a skeleton. We use muscles to move the bones in our body.

This is an acrobat. She is very flexible. She can use her bones and muscles to move her body in different ways.

This is a strongman. He is very strong. He can use his bones and muscles to pick up heavy objects.”

Write the parts of the body (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade children ! A more difficult game to deal with Parts of the body vocabulary !

Click on the image, then on the audio buttons and listen to the information. Click on NEXT and write the names of the parts of the body. Finally, check the answers !

See you tomorrow !

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: I’ve got ____ correct parts of the body !




Ghost substraction (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade children! Now it’s substration (-) time. Try this game and click on the correct ghost to solve the substraction.

Click on the image to play. Good luck and see you on Wednesday!

Tell me in a comment your results.

Ex: I’ ve got _____ answers correct


Crossword: Places & Shops (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade children !

Have a look at this Crossword and try to find the shops and places vocabulary How fast are you?

Click on the image to play and tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: My score is ______ and I spent ____ minutes and ______ seconds



Transport (5th grade)


Hello, 5th grade children !

Click on the image and answere these questions related to means of transport !

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I’ve got ____ correct sentences.




Means of transport (5th grade)


Hi 5th grade students ! Last Week we started talking about Means of Transport.

I’ve prepared a Powerpoint presentation, after watching it you won’t get confused using the correct preposition.



Verbs game (6th grade)


Hello, 6th grade children ! Let’s try this “Whack a monster ! game”. Click on the monster that has got a verb (Present simple, Present continuous or Past simple) over him ! Tell me your results in a comment !

EX: I’ve got _______ right verbs and ______ wrong verbs.


Job hunting 2 (6th grade)


Hi 6th grade boys and girls ! Click on the image and read these Job offers.

Listen by pressing the “Play Audio” button. Then, choose TRUE or FALSE for each sentence, which may be missing one or more words. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.
Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: My score in the game was ___________ %


Spring Concert 2014 – Under the sea (Cicle Superior)



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