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The clown song (2nd grade)




The Pets Song (1st grade)




Animal House (1st grade)


Hi 3rd grade students! Listen to a song called “Animal House”, where you can review animals and parts of the house.

Click on the image and press the PLAY button. See you on Monday !

Animal House

Story: Pets (1st grade)


Hello 1st grade pupils! It’s storytime ! Let’s listen to a story … about PETS !

Click on the image and then on the arrows to follow the story !

Have a nice weekend and see you on Thursday !


Hangman: Places in the town (4th grade)


Hello 4th grade students!

You did an INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE today in the Spring concert !

A new game to practise the names of the different shops in a town. Click on the correct letters and try to solve the word before the man is hanged!

See you on Monday !


Trolley dash (4th grade)


Hi 4th grade students ! Remember we are practising Shops vocabulary in Unit 6: baker’s, butcher’s, clothes shop, bookshop…

Now it’s time to play this game called Trolley Dash, it’s published in the Learning English website.

You have to buy all the products in less than 60 seconds. It has got a lot of levels.
Tell me in a comment your results:

Ex: Level 1 — _____ seconds
Level 2 — _____ seconds

Click on the trolley, listen and read the shopping list and have fun!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="420" height="400"/]

Help the zookeeper (3rd grade)


Hi, 3rd grade boys and girls ! Can you help the zoo keeper and put the animals in the cages from A to Z ?

Have a look at the name of the animals an try it !

How many time did you spend?

EX: I spent _____ seconds !


Zoo animals: Wordsearch (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils! Can you find 10 zoo animals in this wordsearch ?

Click on the image and click on the CLUE button if you want some help.

At the end, click on the SUBMIT button to check your answers !

Tell me in a comment how many animals can you find !

Ex: I found ______ animals

See you on Monday !


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