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Dictation Unit 6 (4th grade)


Hello 4th grade students! Remember that next Thursday 28th of May there will be a dictation about road safety and traffic signs. Practise it at home and tell me how many mistakes do you have.

See you next week !

Ex: I’ve got ___ mistakes



Let’s find out about road safety

“Always be careful when you ride a bike in the town.

When you see this sign, turn left. When you see this sign, turn right.

When you see this sign, you can’t go. When you see this sign, stop.

When the light is green, go. When the light is red, stop.”

Road safety: Dino the dog (4th grade)


Hello 4th grade students ! A game about road safety ! Dino the dog likes running. But there are lots of dangerous things on the road – tyres, rubbish bins and bouncing balls! If they hit him, he’s in trouble! In this game you have to help Dino run, and answer questions about road safety along the way.

How far can Dino run?

Tell me in a comment, the amount of metres !

Ex: Dino runs ______ metres !


African Savannah Animals (3rd grade)


Hi 3rd grade students ! How many of these animals can you classify ! You’ve got 4 categories: Mammal, Reptile, Bird and Insect !

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I classified _____ animals correct !


Elephant Odyssey (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils ! Let’s try this game about how do mammoths turned into elephants !

Use the ARROWS arrows and the SPACEBAR to move the elephant, eat leaves from trees, intimidate predators and talk to animals.

Tell me how many points have you got !

Ex: I’ve got ___ points.


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