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Colour the clown (2nd grade)


Hi, 2nd grade boys and girls !

Click on the image and listen to the instructions !

Use the correct colours to paint the clown !
See you in next week !


The Past simple Frog (6th grade)


Hello, 6th grade children !

Click on the image and help the frog to eat the fly that has got the correct verb in the past to complete the sentence.

Tell me in a comment your results !

Ex: I’ve got ____ past verbs correct !


400.000 visits !!


400.000 visits


Hello, Escola Splai’s students !

La gran quantitat d’activitats i feina realitzada no ens deixa assaborir les fites que aconseguim !

Avui dijous 15 de maig hem arribat a les 400.000 visites. Una audiència fidel al nostre blog i a la nostre forma d’entendre l’ensenyament de la llengua anglesa.

400.000 gràcies a tothom i Moltes felicitats !

Oscar 🙂

4000 posts !!



Benvoguldes famílies de l’Splai !

Ja hem arribat als 4.000 articles ! Concretament, aquest és l’article 4.045 ! Moltes felicitats a tothom pel vostre seguiment de les activitats plantejades a travès del bloc.

See you in the next post !

Oral expression: Where’s the lizard (3rd grade)


Zoo Quiz (3rd grade)


Hi 3rd grade boys and girls ! Do you like visiting the zoo? Here are ten questions about animals you can see in zoos.

Tell me how many points did you get correct !

Ex: I got ______ points !


Guess the animal (3rd grade)


Hello 3rd grade pupils ! Are you a good detective ? Try this game about animals. First, read all the descriptions of animals and then guess which one is correct !

Tell me in a comment your results!

Ex: I’ve got ____ animals correct.


Quizlet: Adjectives (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade children ! We continue studying Unit 6 !

Let’s learn some vocabulary about trees & forests !

Tell me your results in a comment !

Ex: Learn: _____ correct and ______ incorrect

Test: _______ correct

Scatter: _____ seconds

Space Race: My score in the game is _______ points


English Moodle Exams (5th and 6th grade)


Hello 5th & 6th grade students! Here you can visit the English Moodle Exams. Get your User name and your password and I’m sure you will get a good mark.

Click on the image to do it. See you in class !

5th grade: In my city

5th grade Unit 5 Moodle


6th grade: People and professions


6th grade Unit 5 Moodle

Where do you…? (5th grade)


Hello 5th grade pupils ! Have a look at this activity about places in a town !

Click on the image and drag the places (in red) next to the questions (in blue). How many are you able to get correct ?

Tell me in a comment !

Ex: I’ve got _____ answers correct.


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