Shannon Fanning

Hello everyone, my name is Shannon and I am the new language assistant. I am from the United States and live in a state called California. In California, there are many beaches so one of my favorite sports is surfing. Here is a picture of me surfing in California. Would you like to visit California someday?

Have you any questions ? In English, of course.

9 thoughts on “Shannon Fanning

  1. Maria

    Shannon! You are incredible!!!

    When do surf? In the summer of course. But, in California there are many beaches, I would like that beach is?

    bye, bye!

    Maria 😀

  2. Shannon

    Oh thank you, María. I think you are incredible.

    Actually, I surf the whole year. But in winter, I wear a wetsuit. Have you ever worn a wetsuit?

    Yes there are many wonderful beaches in California. This one is called C Street or Surfers´ Point. Maybe one day, you can come visit.

  3. selene

    hellow shannon you are fantastic you are incredible you are perfect!!.

    I love surf but I can’t play surf because her never play jaja .

    bye bye you are perfect shannon.

  4. sara membrives

    wao,wao,wao,wao,wao es una pasada.
    Shannon, your is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!

    adeu guapa!!!!!!

  5. Shannon

    Hey, Judith! Yes, I do like Barack Obama, the president of the United States. Would you like to be a politician someday?

  6. Shannon

    Hello, Selene! While I am incredible and I am fantastic, I am definitely not perfect 😉 For example, I don’t know how to blow a bubble with bubble gum. Where do you like to go to the beach?
    See you soon!

  7. Shannon

    Hello, Miss Sara. Yes, I love to go to the beach! Do you? I hope so.
    See you later alligator,

  8. lluis

    hello Shannon
    I’m not vivst california, but my dad vivist u.s.aThe presidant Obama
    is fantastis

    Bey Shannon;)

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