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Bugs project file

When I´m older (is) I want to be a paleontologist, (why a) because I like dinosaurs.
(I go) I want to visit (a) Denmark, (why a) because I like the snow, wear a very very snow.
My favourite subject is (a) PE, (why a) because I like sport.

Dani Martín

Dani Martín (he cantant) is a singer and actor. He‘s from Madrid in the Spain. He likes football and cars. (He) His favourite color is red and blue, and (you) his favourite actors (is) are Javier Bardem and Ornella Mutti and his favourite food is spaghetti and (gambas y) shrimps and fagitas.
Dani Martin

bugs progect file


I was (to settle) comfortable in the room.

I  (was we) made a hut (cabin.)


I (was we) went to the castle.

The way was very long.


I (hoisted) prepared the suitcases we

ate and we were ourselves.