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Bugs project file

When I’m older, I (wont) want to be a (Designer) Fashion Designer, because I like to draw and I am charmed with going dressed well, and I would like to design my own (proper) clothes and (her(it) of the others) also for the others.

I (wont) want to visit England for curiosity and for the statue of the Freedom.

My favorite subjects at school are (Natives, Tegnologia) Nature, Tecnology, Art and English.

Selene:Bugs project file.

When I’m older, Iwant to be a doctor because i like very much help (the) people!!. I want to visit Paris and Extremadura. Paris because I love this place and Extremadura because there are big part of mi family. My favourite subjects at school are Music and P.E. Music because it is easy for (my) me, and P.E because it is very fun!!!

By Selene Ujaque Mendez 6è A.

Bugs project file

When  I’m older , I want to be mechanic because I like cars and Motorcycles .

I want to visit  Australia , France (French) , Italy and the Galapagos Islands (Galapagos). I want  to visit the monuments (to capitals)

of the (city) cities , and  the Ruins of (de) the Museum .

My favorite subjects at school are English , E.P , (Mhats) Maths And Geography.

I like E.P because I like (very very) the sport very much

By  Pau

Bugs project file

When I’m older, I want to be a doctor because I like to help people. I want to visit Perú , USA, Argentina and Los Angeles because I want to meet famous people. My favourite subjects at school are “medi” and music.

by Alexandra