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SI , Si Cala Montjoi ja es aqui amb bon temps i diversió.¡No! es un somni ni una fantasia es una setmana sense pares ni germans.Amb diversió iiii………………………………………….. MES DIVERSIOOOOOOOOOOO, jocs i sobretot menjador bufet lliure noiis !! aqui os deixo unes fotos : bungalowsplatjaaatir amb arc

i moltes coses mes!!.adeuu De selene 6èA.

Selene:Bugs project file.

When I’m older, Iwant to be a doctor because i like very much help (the) people!!. I want to visit Paris and Extremadura. Paris because I love this place and Extremadura because there are big part of mi family. My favourite subjects at school are Music and P.E. Music because it is easy for (my) me, and P.E because it is very fun!!!

By Selene Ujaque Mendez 6è A.

Selene:Edvard Munch.

This is a painting by Edvard Munch. It is 116 years old.

When he was young, he lived in “Norway”. The painting (have) has got differents colours: orange, blue…. In the painting there is a fence, there is a river, a bridge. In a bridge there are two people (persons). And this is the painting:

[el-grito-de-edvard-munch.jpg] Bye, bye, 🙂  :D.


Wednesday: I walked in the ground, I stopped in front of the house, and I saw running people.The next day

Thursday: When I left the cave,I saw running people again. I (will be) was lokking for clues, I  was looking behind me, and I saw a very big prehistoric, and I started running.

Friday: That day I went in a car . I saw him out the window , it wanted attack me but (what swerving) we selene.


Per a nosaltres l’internet es un aparell per comunicar-se i per buscar informació.

L’ordinador serveix per jugar i fer treballs a ordinador.

Quan utilizem internet? Utilizem internet quan volem parlar amb els nostres amics i quan volem buscar informació

On utilitzem l’internet ? A casa, a les biblioteques, als colegis i si tens portàtil on vulguis.

Per què utilitzem l’internet? Perque de vegades tenim que buscar informació.

Quan utilitzem l’ordinador? Quan volem jugar i fer treballs.

On utilitzem l’ordinador? A casa, al col·legi i si portem portatil on volguem.

Per què utilitzem l’ordinador? Per fer treballs o jugar.

Que savem i que volem apendre? Sabem que l’internet no és molt bo si l’utilitzas malament i també sabem que no és bo jugar molt amb l’ordinador perque et pot fer mal als ulls.

A descargar cançons, jocs etc…..


Mi city is Paris. It’s a beautifull city, the French capital (‘s French). There are (a) very big palaces. There are museums houses, trees, etc. I love Paris.


(I´m) We are Sara Poveda and Alexandra.

My city is Berlín.

Berlín is a fantastic city. It´s the capital of Germany. It´s a very big city. It has 7.000.000 people.

There are museums, apartments, houses…

It´s a famous  monument:  wall of Berlín.