El grito

The name of artist is Evard Munch. He was from Norway.

(This nationaliti) He lived near Oslo.

In the painting there is (a before) a man screaming. (this paiting the colors is:) There is a brown fence and (the) a blue river.The background is orange, yellow and red.

The artist used oil painting (oli) tempera and pastel on cardboard.

Curiosity: He (paind) painted the grito in 2893 (impossible!), with 30 years because (and was) he died in 1944.

(Experted great influence in Alemania).

Cristina Ramos Costa.

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  1. Ricard

    Your mark is PASS.

    Si pares més compte a l’hora d’escriure ho faràs millor. Has de mirar bé els exemples que hi ha llibre.

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