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Wednesday: I walked in the ground, I stopped in front of the house, and I saw running people.The next day

Thursday: When I left the cave,I saw running people again. I (will be) was lokking for clues, I  was looking behind me, and I saw a very big prehistoric, and I started running.

Friday: That day I went in a car . I saw him out the window , it wanted attack me but (what swerving) we swerved.de selene.

Ametller tower

I walked and played in the park. (,next) I stopped near the door of my room and i looked at the piano girl room door (door of the room of “the girl of the piano”) and I noticed an orange ligth.
It was very scary and the orange ligth dissapeared (but) very fast !!!!! In the night I looked again and it(‘s) was ¡The girl of the piano!

Burriac Horror Castle


I arrived at (tower) atmeller tower.(, only missing) First I walked up the mountains to reach the burriac castle. I had dinner at nine o’clock and I started going up. At halfway, I asked: What time is it? Richard, one teacher. He replied: It’s midnight!!! When I went (go) to the forest, I listened a wolf. But it wasn’t (isn’t) a wolf, it(‘s) was a wild boar!! Runing and runing to one cave in the track. When the sun was (is) in the sky, I continued.


(Were) It was half past ten, we arrived at burriac castle. In the castle, (have) there was an old man, he was wearing a cloak and he was very pale. My first conclusion, he was the count dracula! But I realized than it was day. He was the owner of the castle, he  offerred (a) some rooms. In the night, (listened) Richard and (me) I listened a noise. I went upstairs (up) and (looking) looked at everywhere, it(‘s) was a surprise! It(‘s) was Fernando, the owner of the castle, eating (a) people!!


At dawn, Richard and (me) I went to the Sabadell. But a halfway, we (see) saw (a) Fernando and a big ghost. Marius our friend horse appeared (a Marius, we horse friend) Fernando and a big ghost dissappeared very fast. Marius and we went to (a) Sabadell. We thank you and  we arrived at the school. This is my experience of the burriac horror castle! It’s a terrorific and horrible story!!

Ametller tower

Wednesday 15th of October

I(‘m) was in the Ametller tower!

I(‘m) visited the bedrooms and eated.

(In) At the night, I played (a) one game.

Thursday 16th of October

I(‘m) was very tired, I(‘m) didn’t sleep(ed)  I(‘m) was worried (to) for the piano girl (the “Niña del piano”).

I(‘m) walked for very long track. We went to the Burriac castle.

(In) At the night, I played (a) one game.

Friday 17th of October

I(‘m) made the bag. Some boys and girls were alergic to red ants and pine tree and went to the hospital.

I(‘m) was in the coach (went) coming back to my school.

I(‘m) was in my house and I sleeped!

Anna Vera

Atmetller Tower

Wendesday: On Wendesday I arrived (it castle) at a very very big and terrorific castle. We played in the park, in the castle and in the forest. Then we (doed) did two tribes and (looked) visited the forest.

Thursday: We (doed) did one, two or and trhee profs and on the night, we did not sleep (in evrybody night).

Friday: We were (it) very very tired. We played and played and then, we arrived (in) at the school. WE WERE VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!