Ametller tower

Wednesday 15th of October

I(‘m) was in the Ametller tower!

I(‘m) visited the bedrooms and eated.

(In) At the night, I played (a) one game.

Thursday 16th of October

I(‘m) was very tired, I(‘m) didn’t sleep(ed)  I(‘m) was worried (to) for the piano girl (the “Niña del piano”).

I(‘m) walked for very long track. We went to the Burriac castle.

(In) At the night, I played (a) one game.

Friday 17th of October

I(‘m) made the bag. Some boys and girls were alergic to red ants and pine tree and went to the hospital.

I(‘m) was in the coach (went) coming back to my school.

I(‘m) was in my house and I sleeped!

Anna Vera

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