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Prehistoric story

Wednesday: We arrived at the prehistoric hotel at eleven o’clock. The hotel had got rock’s bed. We built a hut for to sleep. We hunted a rabbit.

Thursday: We cooked the rabbit. I made a skin’s bag.  We went to the Burriac Castle.

Friday: We drew animals on the wall. We lighted the fire. We (set) sat next to the fire.


1st DAY. I played with my friends in the enormous park. I climbed a tree, and I slipped. (I do not spend nothing) It didn’t happen anything. And (in the park) I looked at the sea in the park.

2nd DAY. We (mount) made a cave with sticks and plants.

3rd DAY. I (’am) climbed up the mountain. ( Let’s come) I came back to the ametller tower (atmetger). In the atmetller tower (atmetger), I looked at the mountains and I (did) took photographs. The mountains (is) was very beautiful.

The tower Atmeller

The (tower) Atmeller Tower:


I walked along the forest. I observed something (to)  moving behind (of) a rock.


I looked at enormous footprints.  I (continued) followed the footprints.

FridayI looked into a cave and I deduced that was an enormous beast.

¡ It was a Yeti!

Burriac Castle

The Burriac castle is on the mountain. I (live) like Donkey Kong. The Donkey Kong is big, hairy and very scray.  Every person is eating (?) to Donkey Kong and the your broders Mario, Luigi and Wario.



I walked in the forest.

I stopped in front of a cock bick flattened ball.


I was very tired.

I stayed (at playing house colony) playing at the holidays house.


We went (walking ) to walk through the wood when iIfound a very rare animal (vich)

NAME:SERGIO M.H.                                                                                                                                               DATE: 4/6/09