Daily Archives: 12 juny 2009

Ametller Tower


I was in the (auto)bus

The ametller tower was fun

The Ametller Tower (was) had got legends


(The Tuesday) I played (was) games

In the Ametller Tower there was the piano girl room (the girl of piano)


(The) On Wednesday we (go house) came back home.

De: Laura

Ametller Tower


The first day we (did a) made few prehistoric huts and games. We played in a park.

They talked about the piano girl (on the piano).


The next day we went to Burriac Castle, we walked a lot. It was very high. We did a costume prehistoric party (with prehistoric.)


(The deadline did not want me to go) The last day I didn’t want to come back home because I had spent well. (We had a pole with a stone used as the prehistoric.) We made a prehistoric tool with a sotne as the prehistotic did.