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My favorite book is CREPUSCLE !

Bella when, a simple girl though very beautiful and descordinada one changes Forks, where there lives his father Charlie, a small locality of the condition of  Washington in the one that never stops raining, after his  mother returns to marry thinks that it is the worse thing that could to her have happened in the life. But hisluck gives an unexpected and frightening draft as soon as Edward Cullen meets the mysterious one and seducer. Up to this moment, Edward has fixed them up to support privately his identity vampírica,but now nobody is safe, especially Bella, she love a Edward … He belongs to a different family, who for years has learned to control his thirst, but for some strange reason, it is irresistible and Bella however sincere may be his love much more than that. Bella is debating between three responses to the feelings lies in its being: There are three things that I am quite sure: First, Edward was a vampire. Second, a part of it, and did not know what it could be that powerful hand, had a thirst for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

This book is of love and I it re-command to the parsonas that he  likes the novels of love as to my.
This book is brilliant.

Crème caramel


– First you throw the sugar with water until a brown liquid is done. (Bard) Beat the egg with       

both spoonfuls of sugar and (throws) pour the glass of milk. You continue beating.

When you’ve got already (is) the mass you put it in a metallic  (packing) container  and leave it awhile

while you are verifying with a knife if it is made.

Bye bye!!!


Excursió al Torrent de Colobrers!


Dijous vam anar d’excursió al Torrent de Colobrers!.Vam anar una petita estona amb autocar i després vam començar a caminar, més tard ens  vam parar a la font de Can Moragues i vam fer el dossier que ens van donar. Després vam començar la cursa d’orientació, que la van organitzar l’Esther i el Ricard,primer l’Esther va dir els grups i el Ricard anava donant mapes i ens anava dient com anava tot. Una vegada que tots els grups van començar a buscar.


L’Eloy i l’Antonio es van quedar en una part a vigilar-nos, i la Carolina l’Esther i la Marta en un altre, i el Ricard a la parada de arribada. Mentre  els grups ja anaven arribant anaven esmorzant. Quan ja era l’hora vam marxar i  anavem fent el dossier.Vam passar per : el bosc d’Oms, el sota bosc de l’Omeda, els Degotalls i la font de la Tosca, la Plataneda, a la pineda, Togores i com hem dit abans a la font de Can Moragues.(ho he dit desordenat) Rialla

Després vam anar a dinar, allà la gent es va comencar a quedar sense aigua i pel cami a la Salut no tenia.CritDescarat   

Quan vam arribar a la Salut la gent va començar a omplir la seva ampolla d’aigua amb la font i anava descansant.

Va arribar l’autocar i cap al col·legi !!

Així va ser la nostra excursió del dijous!!

Adeu a tots!!

Carnaval a l’escola!!!*


El divendres 20 vam fer el carnaval!!

i van venir moltes disfresses.”jipis”, avies, pallasos,

mims, gòtiques , i els professors de cuiners!!



Vam ballar , saltar, i ens ho vam passar genial!!

Fins i tot les mares es van voler disfressar!!


Despres vam anar a menjar pastissos , crispetes i a beure begudes!!



When I’m older, (i guant) I want to be a firewoman(Faller Gumer).

I like animals and music. I want to visit Africa because I want to see animals and to help the poor children(s).

My fauvorite subject(s) at school is (are) P.E because we don’t have homework.


Alex Pettifer!!!

Alex Pettifer is an actor (in actress)  , born 10 April 1990 ,

he‘s from Stevenage. In Winter he always wears a hat and jacket. In (her) his free time rehearse (“ensaja”) plays (theater)

He goes to the cinema. (her) His favorite food is pizza and spaghetti.



I’m from Spain

Her name’s is PaulaRialla

She likes handball, music pop and rock.Guai!

She’s got blonde  hair.

Her favourite food is  “las migas”

She doesn’t like the grandmother’s lentils.

(She) Her favourite colour is fuchsia.Descarat








A story at the campsite

On Monday morning I took the dog for a walk. There was a deer that was very beautiful but I didn’t take any photos.

On Tuesday evening was the a friend birhtday and I went to the river next to the campsite, and swam. The water was cold, but there was a green frog.Crit

On Wednesday I went to the mountain and walked. I saw a skeleton.Sorprès

On Thursday, I went to biking and I slipped with a stone and

I injured my foot , but I had already cured!Descarat

Last Friday I saw a bush that it moved. I was a little scared, but it was an abandoned dog! It was small and black.
I took it to the veterinary and then I came its landlord!Rialla

BY;Anna MiróFer l'ullet


el trenet del Parc Catalunya!!

Dijous 5 de Juny vam anar al trenet del Parc Catalunya,primer va pujar al trenet els de 5é A mentre 5é B esmorzava…

Després va esmorzar 5é A i 5é B va anar al trenet , els nens de P3 s’ho passaven “pipa”!!

cada vegada que passavem per un tunel es possaven a cridar com bojos!! =)