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Benjamín Franklin

BenFraklin discovered electricity over who invented the lightning rod

He is was from America.

He was born on 17th January 1706 in Boston

He lived 84 years.

He was an American political scientist.

He died on 17th April 1790  in Filadelphia

He studied in South Grammar School                                                                                                               Today there is still electricity                                                                                                                           Benjamin Franklin was known as lightning rod




Narcis Monturiol

Narcís Monturiol invented the submarine.
He was born in Figueres in 1819.
He worked as an Engineer, intellectual, politician, and inventor.
He’s the inventor of the first submarine with propulsion motor;
The Ictíneo, named boat fish in 1859.
He also invented The  Ictíneo II in 1864.
The original Ictíneo is now in Barcelona port.
He was Recognized with the Spanish Isaac Peral, inventor of the electrical submarine in 1885



Henry Ford was born in 1863 in Grieenfield (United States).
He is known as the founder of Ford Motor company.
He His parents were William Ford and Mary Litogot.
Henry ford invented the combustion petrol engine for cars.
In 1908 the company ford throw the model ford T.
It Is a company North American Company.

Informació viquipèdia


Nils Bohlin

Nils Bohlin  invented  the tree-points safety belt .

He was born on the 17th of July in Härnösand (Sweden).

He introduced his invention to the Volvo company in 1959.

He received a diploma in mechanical engineering from Härnösand Läroverk in 1939.

In 1958 he joined Volvo as a safety engineer.

He received his first patent in 1959.

He died on 21st. September 2002.

Information from “wiquipedia “

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Enric Bernat

He invention invented the chupa-chups.
He founts found the chupa-chup in 1958.
He was born in Barcelona, Spain, 20th of October 1923.
He dieds in Barcelona to, Spain, 27th of December 2003.
He dieds with have got 80 years old.
He lives lived in Spain.
His mother and his father worked in a pastry.
He married Nuria Serra.
He have got 5 children, 2 daughters and 3 sons.

Iformation is from viquipedia chupa-chups and viquipedia Enric Bernat