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famous painting

This is a painting by Picasso.
Its name is Guernika.
It is a 85 years old.
Picasso was a Spanish artist.
When he was young , he like a painting .
In this painting there aren’t any a monster
Picasso always used black and white.

”Le coq”

Miro is a big Spanish artist.
Miro did a painting table. Its name is ”Le coq”
”Le coq” is a rooster.
”Le coq” is a reflection of a cock screaming and also has many colours.
The ”Le coq” was done betwenn 1936-1939 when civil war was …


This painting was painted by Ralph Steadman.

In this painting is an elongated skull with wings, glasses and smoking.

The skull in the desert flies.

This painting is in black and white.

In this painting there is a cactus.

Its name is Espíritu de Gonzo(Spirit of Gonzo)

The wings are like the bats.

It has teeth very sharp.

I like it very much.

Espíritu de Gonzo (Spirit of Gonzo) Láminas por Ralph Steadman