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When I’m older, I want to be a scientist because I like science and experiments. The science is interesting.

I want to visit Italy because I like Italian food. Also I want to visit Antarctica because I like snow and igloos.

My favourite subjects at school are P.E and Maths. I like Maths because it’s fun and easy.

By Fran Chamizo Benitez

Las Meninas

This is a painting by Diego Velázquez. It is 353 years old. Diego Velázquez was a Spanish artist.

In this painting there (is a) are people, a dog, a window and a door. When he was young, he lived in New York (impossible!).

Velázquez used dark colours. Diego Velázquez born in 1599 and died in 1660.  Velázquez painted two paintings

very famous: las meninas and las hilanderas.

by: Fran Chamizo Benitez :).


Ricardo Izecson Dos Santos Leite (Kaká)  is a football player. He is only 27 years old and he (is) won the FIFA WORLD PLAYER in 2007. He is from Brasilia in Brazil, but he lives in Madrid. In (hes) his free time he usually (going) goes to the cinema and theatre. He usually wears sports clothes. He loves football. (He is the) His religion is evangelist. He plays in Real Madrid.

Ametller Tower


The first day we (did a) made few prehistoric huts and games. We played in a park.

They talked about the piano girl (on the piano).


The next day we went to Burriac Castle, we walked a lot. It was very high. We did a costume prehistoric party (with prehistoric.)


(The deadline did not want me to go) The last day I didn’t want to come back home because I had spent well. (We had a pole with a stone used as the prehistoric.) We made a prehistoric tool with a sotne as the prehistotic did.

Què són els ordinadors e internet.

L’internet és una xarxa què serveix per comunicar-se, jugar o buscar informació. Normalment l’utilitzem a casa o al col·legi abans d’anar a dormir. L’utilitzem per jugar o buscar informació.

L’ordinador serveix per escriure documents, jugar etc.. Sabem grabar en el Audacity,   sabem  escriure tot tipus de documents i moltes coses més. Però hi han moltes coses més què no sabem fer.


Milan is the capital of Italy in this west of Lombardy.

Popular Places to visit in Milan are: Castle Sforza, Piazza Mercanti, the Stadium, Peace Arch, Villa Real, the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and Skyscrapers Pirellone.

In Milan there are many famous monuments, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, schools and houses.