Bugs Project File

When I´m older, I want to be teacher, because I love children.

I want to visit London, (the exelent) an excellent city. Because I (very very) like London very much. I want to see: the monuments, (the shops very famous and the schools very bigs) the famous shops and the big schools.

My favorite subject(s) at the school is are (music). Because it is beautiful and fun!!! XD 😉

bye, bye!!! 🙂                teacher by Annna Bermúdez

One thought on “Bugs Project File

  1. Ricard

    En anglès els adjectius sempre van davant del nom.
    “IS” present del verb to be, 3ª persona del singular i “ARE” present del verb to be, 3ª persona del plural.
    What do you like to teach ?

    Your mark is GOOD

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