When I”m older, I want to be a teacher as my mother because  I like children. I want to travel Italy because I want to go visit museums and monuments. Also I want to go visit  the african forest because I want to see wild animals.  My favourite subjects at school are language and “medi” (enviroment) .  I like sciences because I‘m interested in (the) nature and animals.

pin pisa

2 thoughts on “Teacher

  1. Ricard

    Italy is a nice country, specially Florence. I love it.
    What do you like to teach ? Any special subject ?

    Your mark is EXCELLENT

  2. Mireia Olivares

    Hola Ricard i perdo per no haver-te contestat abans però es que no he tingut temps.

    I like Rome and Venice. I want to go for a góndola.

    I want to teach catalan, “medi” and Spanish.

    Bye, bye!

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