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Bugs project file

When I’m older. I want to be a lawyer because I like judgement.

I want to visit Australia, China, Egypt, France and USA because it is very beautiful and Egypt is very mysterious.

My favourite subjects at school are English, P.E and geography because I (am very) like very much.

Persistencia de la memoria

Salvador Dalí (living) lived in (the) Figueres and he was born in the 1904. (It has) He made (a) this picture  and (he’s) its name is the (precence) persistence of the memory. He painted it in 1931. There are three clocks and one beach.


1st DAY. I played with my friends in the enormous park. I climbed a tree, and I slipped. (I do not spend nothing) It didn’t happen anything. And (in the park) I looked at the sea in the park.

2nd DAY. We (mount) made a cave with sticks and plants.

3rd DAY. I (’am) climbed up the mountain. ( Let’s come) I came back to the ametller tower (atmetger). In the atmetller tower (atmetger), I looked at the mountains and I (did) took photographs. The mountains (is) was very beautiful.


Beijing is very popular city. It is in (the) China. In Beijing there are museums and popular monuments: Big Wall China, big Obelisco, Patrimony of the Humanity, Buda Frajante. etc. Beijing (it a) has  17 millions inhabitants.