Once in Berlin, they run to the Berlin wall. The Coliseum explains a little bit about Bansky and his street art.

While watching at the girl with the balloons painting, Norycolory says:

NORYCOLORY: woooow! what a lovely painting! I wish this girl could be real…

OTHERS: Oh yes! that would be great!!!

Suddenly, a misterious man aproaches with a red bottle in his right hand, sprays the painting and runs very fast. Norycolory and her friends watch how the girl and the balloons jump to the floor ALIVE!!! They can’t believe what they are seeing!!!

The girl explains that there are other girls with ballons all over the world as well as other nice paintings. They are so so so impressed that ask the girl to show them more of Banski art.

Ok, says the girl, come with me and my balloons, I’ll take you to….. SURPRISE!!

And that’s how they take off and fly to another city.


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