TALE ON LINE B. CHAPTER 4 (Sant Roc School)

Londbang uses his clockhands to return to the present again. But it makes another horrible mistake. All together travel to the future to another place!!! It’s 3015 and the monuments are in Olot, not in New York! Human beings don’t exist because robots attacked them. Resultado de imagen de future robotsHowever there is an incredible survivor!!! His name is Roc. He is tall and strong. He is a good scientist. He looks like crazy but, in fact, Roc is really clever and polite as well. He is the only person who could help the scared monuments in the future.

ROC: Hello, my name is Roc. What are you doing here? You are monuments, not robots!!!

LONDBANG: And you? You are NOT a robot. You are a human being!!!

The problem doesn’t solve yet!!!


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