Joan Maragall

Hello everybody!

We are the boys and girls from 5th and 6th grade in Joan Maragall School. We are 23 students, 12 from 6th grade and 11 from 5th grade. We all come to the English Day because our school is small and we usually work together.

Our teachers are Pilar and Àstrid and the English teacher is Anna.

We like nature, animals, recycling, going on excursion and working in group but we dislike homework! We are friendly and fun lover.

We make projects to learn. Usually we work in groups but sometimes we work individually, in pairs or all the class together.

In third cycle we do two school trips every year.

Our school is wellcoming and open minded. We have a big playground but small classrooms.

All the classes have a name and a “big headed” (capgros) that is the mascot. The mascot of the school is La Cuca, it looks like a centipede.


See you at the English Day!



Hello, my name is Mrs. Pink Penk. I’m a clock, I’m 159 years old. I live in London.

I have two small black eyes, a big mouth, a big black and white clock-nose, two short legs, two arms, two white hands and long fingers.

I’m a good person, kind, fun lover and gossip.

I like clocks, bells, tourists and their stories. I love people visiting me!

I don’t like the night because I’m alone.

I don’t like cars and technology.

My best friends are Mr. Chrysler and Lady Liberty. At the weekend we usually have parties.