They decided to explore the planet and they arrived to a big cave, and suddenly a mysterious man shouted…

  • Hello, my name is Mister Joan F and I am a English director. Who are you?
  • We are Big Chicago, Londbang, Phoenix cactus and the Sad Twins. We need to go back to New York in the present time! Can you help?
  • Oh, I can help you, but with one condition…. When you go back to the present time you have to create one thing called… English Day! It will be a reunion of schools and they will talk in English all the day, play games and do theater.
  • Okay, let’s go!

Finally, with the help of the intelligence of Mister Joan they returned to New York, year 2019. They created English Day and everybody was very happy. The Sad Twins  transformed into The Happy Twins, the Liberty statue had one sister and all the students in the world visited the English Day for ever and ever.





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TALE ON-LINE A. Chapter 7 (Escola Pia)

Then they thought of going to a big city called Barcelona. They went to visit the “Sagrada Família”, a wonderful cathedral designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. They liked it so much! “Sagrada Família”and the others became friends and they decided to visit and walk around the city. After strolling down the Ramblas and watching a life football match in ‘Camp Nou’,  they saw a poster that announced a party in Olot called English Day!

Games, songs and a play in English, wow! It sounded very interesting!

They liked the idea so much, that they decided to go there. Someone has told them that Olot is a very nice place with lots of volcanoes, so there they went…

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GOODBYE   SONGResultado de imagen de GOODBYE

It’s time to say goodbye

to our school, teachers and friends.

Let’s sing this song together

let’s say “goodbye, goodbye”!

It’s not “goodbye” forever

it’s just “goodbye” for now.

Let’s sing this song together

let’s say “goodbye, goodbye”!


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Tale on line B. CHAPTER 6 (Lluís Castells School)

Lava has destroied the robots of Olot but it also destroyed the refuge where they were. They need to find a solution to survive.

Roc has an idea. He call his friend Big Chicago to tell him the problem. Then Big Chicago, that has superpowers, turn around his corns and travel from Chicago to Olot.

When Big Chicago is in Olot he ask:

  • Why are you here?
  • The Liberty statue was jealous from sad twins and she tried to destroied them.
  • Then the Londbang made a mistake with the hands of the clock and we traveled to Olot.
  • Now we need to find a way to come back home.

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Click here to listen to the song: Engish Day hymn 


(“Viva La Vida” tune   by Cold Play )

Students from all the schools

gather together in Olot in May.

We celebrate a very special day,

share and play with our friends!

This is our English hymn,

we’ve got a mascot and a tale.

Listen to the teachers say:

Enjoy this day, cheer up today!!!

Communicate in English, please!

It is the language we all speak

and we’ll  discover that English is…

It’s really cool, really fun!!!

English Day is a day of friendship,

learning, singing and acting so good.

English people in England “  ‘s here

acting together this funny play.

For some reason we can’t explain

we feel happy,

we’ll never, never forget this day.

We’ll use English round the world.

(English day, English Day, English Day…)

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TALE ON-LINE A. CHAPTER 6 (Volcà Bisaroques School)

The six friends continue their trip to… TOKYO.

It is a long way from Brazil to Japan, and when they arrive there they feel very hungry. So, they look for a sushi restaurant because sushi is the most famous food in Japan.

They are surprised because the first restaurant they find is inside a Pagoda, the typical Buddhist temple.

Once at the restaurant, they order sushi with a very hot sauce called wasabi. Their faces turn red after tasting it and Pagoda gives them a glass of milk to calm their mouths.

They thank her a lot and become friends. From now on, they will travel together with Pagode on this wonderful journey they are doing around the world. They visit the town and feel amazed with all the things they see.

And their next stop will be…


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TALE ON LINE B. CHAPTER 5 (Malagrida School)

The monuments stayed some days with Roc to think how to solve the big problem.

The monuments and Roc fought aginst the robots. After they realize that Londbang’s clock was broken down and they couldn’t come back to New York city.

Roc had created the robots to have people around and not to be alone. He made a mistake and the robots became really wicked. Roc didn’t like to be surrounded by bad creatures so he decided to destroy them. But, how?

As Roc had created the robots he knew very well their weakness: they were made of metal and electronic pieces. He made to erupt some volcanoes. Suddenly he realized how the lava was melting all the robots.



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TALE ON LINE A. CHAPTER 5 (Joan Maragall School)

They landed in Rio de Janeiro. The girl showed them many paintings inspired in Bansky art  and they liked them very much. They saw the painted stairs and they loved them too.

-Woow, these stairs look like me! said Norycolory.

-I want to know more things about these stairs, said the Eiffel Tower.

-We can ask Christ the Redeemer, he lives in Rio de Janeiro and he saw the artists creating the scenes, added the Coliseum.

– This is a good idea. Let’s go! Take my balloons again!

The five friends flied up to the Christ the Redeemer and explained him their story.

He said that the stairs were created by Jorge Selaron and that the stairs are called Selaron’s steps. They are made of ceramic tiles from all over the world.

They said thank you for the information and as a reward they invited him to continue the travel around the world with them.

Christ the Redeemer was happy and said yes.

The girl gave a balloon to him and they flied up to another country. They went to…

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Once in Berlin, they run to the Berlin wall. The Coliseum explains a little bit about Bansky and his street art.

While watching at the girl with the balloons painting, Norycolory says:

NORYCOLORY: woooow! what a lovely painting! I wish this girl could be real…

OTHERS: Oh yes! that would be great!!!

Suddenly, a misterious man aproaches with a red bottle in his right hand, sprays the painting and runs very fast. Norycolory and her friends watch how the girl and the balloons jump to the floor ALIVE!!! They can’t believe what they are seeing!!!

The girl explains that there are other girls with ballons all over the world as well as other nice paintings. They are so so so impressed that ask the girl to show them more of Banski art.

Ok, says the girl, come with me and my balloons, I’ll take you to….. SURPRISE!!

And that’s how they take off and fly to another city.


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TALE ON LINE B. CHAPTER 4 (Sant Roc School)

Londbang uses his clockhands to return to the present again. But it makes another horrible mistake. All together travel to the future to another place!!! It’s 3015 and the monuments are in Olot, not in New York! Human beings don’t exist because robots attacked them. Resultado de imagen de future robotsHowever there is an incredible survivor!!! His name is Roc. He is tall and strong. He is a good scientist. He looks like crazy but, in fact, Roc is really clever and polite as well. He is the only person who could help the scared monuments in the future.

ROC: Hello, my name is Roc. What are you doing here? You are monuments, not robots!!!

LONDBANG: And you? You are NOT a robot. You are a human being!!!

The problem doesn’t solve yet!!!


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