Salvador Vilarrasa

These are our classes:

We are the students of the 6th level from the IE Salvador Vilarrasa (Besalú).

We are 36 pupils divided in two different classes. We do English during two sessions every week but we also have some workshops of art in English and speaking corners with the pupils from ESO. This mates are the ones that will come to our English Day meeting to help us and monitor our games and activities.

We love speaking and singing in English but we don’t like very much to write it’s difficult for us…

In this photo we are wearing red t-shirts because we love dancing and we perfom it in front of the whole school during the festivals. This time it was a stick dance ( a ritual weapon dance), and it was very funny!!!

We’re waiting to meet you in the next English Day. See you!!!

6th A

6th B

The Horse of Liberty

This is our mascot. She lives in New York and is one of the most famous monuments in United States .

She is located in the Liberty Island in Manhattan next to the Hudson River and the Ellis Island.

Is a female statue with the body of a very nice horse. She has got straight long brown hair and sad big black eyes.

She always wears a long light blue Italian cotton tunic and a very nice pure cooper and iron crown. On the right hand she is holding the torch that enlights the world and on the other hand she holds a tabula upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

I love meeting people from other countries and I like sharing with them my experiences.

The Horse of Liberty.