Hi, we are the students from Verntallat School.
We are 17 girls and 23 boys. In total we are 40 pupils in 6th level ( separated in two classes ).
We are in a very beautiful place surrounded by nature: mountains and fields.
Our school is cool!! We have a very big playground and we love our teachers.
Our mascots are Verntallat (a farmer)and Menjalletres (a smart rat); we use them for festivites like Carmival, st.George, and at the end of course.
See you in May and enjoy your 6th level.


Hi everyone. We’re Sad Twins.
We live in New York and we’re eleven years old, We’re a little bit Young to walk alone around the streets of our city (N.Y. is one of the biggest cities in the world).
We’re very tall and we always work together because we’re one next to the other and we’re one soul…But we’ve got a problem…someone wants to separate us, that’ s why we’re sad.