Cor de Maria


We are the class of 6th A from Cor de Maria school. We are placed in the city center of Olot, behind the church.

In our group we are 20 students;  12 boys and 8 girls. We are a talkative class and sometimes a little bit nervous but we are also funny, friendly and joyful! We love sports, go to the playground, using the computers and also going on excursions. Our English teacher is Mister John and we will have a new conversation assistant soon.

See you in May!


Hi everyone!

We are the class of 6th B from Cor de Maria school! In the class we are 14 boys and only 6 girls! We are a very funny and crazy class and sometimes too active. We love Phisical Education, ICT, playing in the playground, the excursions and also English!

Our English Teacher’s name is Mister John and we will have a new conversation assistant in January.

We are very excited to participate in the English Day 2019! See you soon!



Hello everyody! My name is Mr Tower Bridge and I am very happy to be part of the English Day! I am from London and I am more than 125 years old!

I am very strong, old and long, and my colors are brown, blue and grey. I like to look at the triver, to watch the cars and say hi to the people.