TALE ON LINE A. CHAPTER 5 (Joan Maragall School)

They landed in Rio de Janeiro. The girl showed them many paintings inspired in Bansky art  and they liked them very much. They saw the painted stairs and they loved them too.

-Woow, these stairs look like me! said Norycolory.

-I want to know more things about these stairs, said the Eiffel Tower.

-We can ask Christ the Redeemer, he lives in Rio de Janeiro and he saw the artists creating the scenes, added the Coliseum.

– This is a good idea. Let’s go! Take my balloons again!

The five friends flied up to the Christ the Redeemer and explained him their story.

He said that the stairs were created by Jorge Selaron and that the stairs are called Selaron’s steps. They are made of ceramic tiles from all over the world.

They said thank you for the information and as a reward they invited him to continue the travel around the world with them.

Christ the Redeemer was happy and said yes.

The girl gave a balloon to him and they flied up to another country. They went to…

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